Hello and welcome to The Honest Mumma blog!

My name is Kali, I am a part-time worker and a full-time mumma of two crazy and stubborn, but of course, adorable little boys!

The rigor of my Monday to Friday is, like everyone else, a constant that never lets up and it’s for this reason that I love to get the most out of my weekends with my family.

Over the years, finding activities for my kids has not always been easy – of course, we need to balance activities with the things our kids are interested in, our time and the purse strings that these activities can so often pull at! But if I am being honest, it’s also about finding them stuff to do so I don’t end up pulling my hair out!

More often than not, I manage to get my boys out of the house to get their legs moving and minds ticking (and put a stop to the constant WWE-type fighting that happens on a daily basis) – tell me it’s not just my boys?

So after years of people asking me where I would recommend they take their kids based on my experiences, I have decided to start blogging to help others like me find exciting places to visit, things to see and activities which get the little ones thinking.

The Honest Mumma blog is a place where adults, with children, can come, to find out what I think is a great activity, park or learning hub for their special little people.

I hope you come with me on this crazy mumma journey and that you and the little ones enjoy my suggestions!