Chiro v Osteo, which is better? Isn’t this the age old question!

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Andrea Parisio-Ferraro from Nurture-you since my eldest was only a few weeks old as he was 6 weeks prem. She was a God sent for us as she helped with his sucking, his head shape, general body alignment and also overall wellness with providing probiotics when his immunity was down. 6 years later, two kids down and both my boys enjoy their visit to their chiro – I think it mainly has something to do with the kids space which is provided at their new office space at Essendon Fields.

This week we were lucky enough to visit an old high school friend Lauren Matthews who along with her husband Jason Ferrante have opened up their Osteo clinic in the heart of Essendon. What a lovely large space they’ve been blessed with. Even though both my boys are accustomed to this type of environment they both had slight reservations to let someone else other then Andrea look at them, in saying that they both enjoyed their time there as they let Lauren examine them and allowed her to use techniques such as MET (Muscle Energy Technique), where the patient provides a muscular resistance to specific movements, this is always performed in consultation with the patient and their guardian.

For me, they’re both amazing ladies doing amazing things for the community and our children, I suppose it just comes down to preference.