I’m convinced this is one of Melbourne’s BEST kept secrets!

Driving an hour to Somerville meant I did have to hear the hubby complain on the way as to why we were driving so far for the kids to ‘do something’. That quickly changed when he saw a full-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex at the gate! At that point, I didn’t know who was more excited, my hubby the Jurassic Park die hard, or my boys!

This place was really cool and even though it was compact, there was a heap to do. From the entrance, the place is pretty structured and puts you on a path which you follow to find dinosaurs nestled amongst the trees! The actual dinosaurs themselves were impressive with soft, scaly skin that was pretty life-like (I’m guessing!) and they even come to life and roar when you walk past.

The park accommodates kids of all ages, including a little toddler (there’s really nowhere to run other than the path you’re meant to follow). Walking is pretty minimal so doubling back to see your favourites is easy.

Food-wise, there’s ‘Dino Bites’, a place inside the park to get some lunch or nibbles! The hot food was home made by the owners, so had a real homely feel to it. If you want to get real fancy and spend half a day there, there’s a BBQ area too!

In terms of other activities, there’s a cute little dinosaur-themed playground which my boys loved, of course, and for a small fee kids can ‘dig and discover’ fossils in a decent-sized sandpit, which they get to keep! There’s a free tractor ride and if you’re lucky you might even see Wilson, a real life dinosaur who walks the park everyday (this was literally just a guy dressed up in a dinosaur outfit, which was cute for the younger ones – if you’re kid is likely to point out the human-feet popping out the bottom of the costume, maybe avoid this part so not to spoil!).

They do parties and are only open at certain times of the year, so check out their website before going http://www.dinosaurworld.net.au!