The name speaks for itself and this place is going to be a lot of fun!

Last week we were lucky enough to have a sneak peek at Funtopia Maribyrnon, which is one of those places that could excite the inner child in us more so than the kids!

Funtopia’s concept is all about active entertainment, where kids of all ages can do both physical activities, while putting their minds to the test!

At face value, it appears to be a playcentre, but once you stroll through, it’s clear that it is much, much more. Funtopia has two cool worlds, the playground world and the climbing world! if it weren’t for our own awesome guide (more on that in a second), we wouldn’t know where to start!

Firstly, the playground world is great! It’s an Australian themed play centre that will have the kids playing on an iconic Melbourne tram, running across and below the Sydney Harbour Bridge, climbing Ayers Rock and having a play in the Great Barrier Reef! With a heap of slides, tunnels, mazes and a kids under two area, you’ll get a kick out of seeing your kids playing amongst some locally themed culture and scenery.


Second, the climbing world (the showstopper for me), is an indoor rock climbing area for kids! My eldest just got on his safety harness and started climbing! Each ‘wall’ has its own theme – we checked out all the options and some of the ‘walls’ that stood out included the exploding volcano, their own Gotham City, a glow in the dark elevator shaft to climb up and even Jack’s beanstalk!


So basically, two cool worlds side by side and something to try for all ages (the climbing was a hit with my four year old, more so because he could sail down safely using his harness). Getting into the climbing area is taken seriously, with a pre-briefing for all kids and parents and the entire session fully supervised by a cool guide! The playground world also has friendly staff supervising and walking the floor too, so no more having to get in tight spaces to free a crying child who is stuck!



Before and after the action, you’ll be able to get a meal and coffee from Mr Spriggin!

For more details on their opening dates and to follow their progress, check out their Facebook page