We recently visited Animal Land Children’s Farm and what a hidden gem it was!

Located about half an hour drive North West of Melbourne in Digger’s Rest, it was probably the most authentic farm experience that my kids have had, mostly because it was a real farm and not just animals in cages!

What set it apart from other farms I’ve been to was the structured program, which went for about two hours and included a personal guide who knew the farm inside out! She was able to keep the kids entertained with stories about the farm, the history of the animals that lived there and even some of their names! For the little ones, it held their attention and by the end of it, kids were walking alongside her and bombarding her with questions, which she was happy to answer! Even my ‘threenager’ was100% engaged – I suppose there’s a first time for everything!



Of course, the tour included the obligatory tractor ride (weirdly named Tommy) and pony ride (appropriately named Goldy) – if your little one doesn’t love wearing a helmet, be prepared for an argument or meltdown). We collected eggs and fed the ducks by a lake (not just one patient duck I might add, which was funny for adults but probably a touch overwhelming for tiny kids). The centrepiece of the tour is that the kids get to hand milk ‘Lucy’ the cow!


The final part of the tour was in the nursery, where cuddles with adorable baby animals were on offer, including ducklings, chicks, guinea pigs and bunny rabbits!

Overall, a great morning outdoors that was more than just 5 minutes of farming fun. We centred our weekend around it and it ticked all the boxes for a day out! While we waited for the tour to start, there was a pretty decent playground for the littlies to play on and while we didn’t use it, there was provision for a BBQ, picnic and even organised birthday parties!



Check out their website at http://animalland.com.au/ for tour times and frequently asked questions.