This would have to be my favourite post – LaunchPad: Little Learners Hub!

LaunchPad is a school readiness program for kids aged 3-5. They focus on phonetic awareness through sound and basic math concepts, using a fun and multi-sensory approach.


Each week the lovely Ms Danni and Mrs Bianca run small classes with ‘Milo the Monkey’s Birthday Surprise’. Each week they are introduced to different things like music, arts and crafts, puppets, card games and lots of hand/eye co-ordination activities to help with their fine motor skills! The emphasis of this program is on hearing, saying, reading, spelling, pronouncing and writing – and of course, having a great time!


My 4 year old started the program in January. He didn’t really ‘get’ numbes and letters and we struggled to hold his attention on the topic. Eleven months later he can now write, sound and spell his name. He can confidently identify letters and even some basic words. Most importantly for us, he makes the connection between letters, numbers and words! For me, the program has been fantastic and he’s definitely more confident and engaged. Seeing his face after writing his name on his Prep Orientation form or writing ‘happy birthday daddy’ on a card was priceless!

If you haven’t heard of it yet and are interested in this sort of thing, please do yourself a favour and jump onto their website