Aintree – The Park Capital

Aintree – The Park Capital

My little, and when I say little I mean my soon be to married brother recently brought land in Aintree and when we visited I was in utter oar at the three newly built parks in their Estate, Woodlea/Aintree.

If you’re wanting to spend a day ‘park hopping’ then Woodlea Estate is the place for you, located about a 30 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD I promise you wont regret it and I think the kids will be forever in your dept. Between the three parks they offer large open spaces, shade, toilets, BBQ facilities, basketball courts, sand pits, water play…that’s right, you read that right, WATER PLAY! and of course slides.

You can enter the estate at 27 Woodlea Boulevard, Aintree (formally Rockbank).

Park 1: Woodlea Boulevard Park


Park 2: Frontier Park


Park 3:



My favourite ‘go to’ Parks

I love letting my kids run amok at a good park! For me, I hope they burn off some of that crazy energy by running around and climbing things, but also, that they find the park interesting and engaging!

Here are a few of my favourite ‘go to’ parks that we love!

Harmony Park

Located at 187 Gaffney Street Coburg, this park has everything for big kids, toddlers and infants. A large open space, the park has modern equipment, with sand, grass and bark areas for different age groups. I’m not going to lie, I may have jumped on the musical tyres myself! This parks ticks all my boxes with BBQs, water taps, toilets, a sheltered area with tables and even Wi-Fi access! For the adventurous kids, there’s a skate park there too.


Bush Reserve

Found at 227 Bell Street Coburg, this park really was a great find for us last year! There are a lot of open spaces, an off-lead area for dogs and not short of important amenities – they have a BBQ area, water taps, toilets, sheltered areas with tables and even a wheelchair accessible liberty swing! The playground itself is modern, mostly made our of wood and even has a basketball court! Of course, our personal favourite is the flying-fox, which is purpose built for young kids! Whenever we’ve been there, we easily spend an hour or so!


EA Coulson Gardens

Located at 33 Chifley Drive Maribyrnong, this park recently got an upgrade and what an upgrade it was! Overlooking the Maribyrnong river, you could make a morning or an afternoon out of this place with the whole family! The area is huge and has drinking taps, toilets, sheltered areas and a full basketball court! It’s that big, you could easily bring along a footy or soccer ball! If you’re up for it, take a stroll around the river and even grab a coffee at The Boathouse around the corner (which itself has another great park)! Check them out at



Swift Parrot Pirate Ship, Montgomery Park

Located at Hilda Street Essendon, this park will bring out the Captain in your kids! With hidden treasure to find and voice pipes to talk and listen through, this park held our attention and let our imaginations run wild for a while! The park is pretty confined, but a really cool set up, mostly in sand. A stone throw away is a footy oval and within walking distance, a massive slide (literally, it’s at leat 20 metres long, but not a scary drop, so OK for all kids)!


Coburg Lake Reserve Playground

Get ready to blast off at this park, located at the 2A Gaffney Street Coburg! It’s surrounded by a beautiful lake with plenty of ducks and birds for the kids to enjoy and feed once they’re done with the actual park! Definitely a place to spend a bit of time at, you’ll find water taps, plenty of picnic tables, about nine BBQ’s and sheltered areas, toilets and a our favourite – the flying fox! There is a walking track around the lake with another playground found at the top and even outdoor gym equipment! So in fact while a hit with the kids, it really does have something for everyone and I’ve seen some pretty serious get-togethers at this place!