How to make a snow weekend enjoyable on a budget

How to make a snow weekend enjoyable on a budget

Cold cold snow – you either love it or loath it, for me I really enjoy the snow and I’m actually not sure why because I don’t ski or snow board! This year was the first time we’ve brought our boys and the smiles on their face was the reason why I knew it would be a good idea.

We all know snow trips can be expensive and hard work but here’s how our weekend went.

We decided to make Lake Mountain our destination as it’s the closes place to Melbourne (2hr drive) but we decided to break up the drive and make this a relaxing weekend with a stay at Lilydale Lakeside Villas which is situated at Lilydale Lakeside campus. This property was formally student accommodation and let me tell you this is perfect for a family stay if you’re heading to either the snow or doing a weekend at the wineries in the Yarra Valley. We stayed in the Villa which was a four, that’s right FOUR bedroom Villa all with their own private ensuite. Each bedroom had access to the balcony which over looked the lake which was just stunning in the morning. For booking enquired please email

Saturday was a ‘wet weather’ day which was a shame as we were all eager to check out Melba Park. However we ventured off to Lollipops Playland & café Croydon and Oz Tenpin Bowling thanks to our Small Idea’s membership they offered a great discount on both activities which always helps on a weekend away when you’re working on a budget.


The next day we honestly woke up to all the birds chirping (ligit), the sun out, not a cloud in the sky and we knew we picked the perfect day to go to the snow. The drive from Lilydale took just over 1 hour but my kids found it fascinating watching the climate change as we drove up the mountain and the temperature dropped. I personally think lake Mountain Alpine Resort if the perfect place for kids as they have a toboggan run, a park and a great ‘snowman’ making area. They also offer 30 min ski lessons if your kids are interested. Thanks to Dimmeys ‘snow sale’ we were able to pick up snow jackets for $15 and snow suits for $10 and the toboggan’s we hired there.

Kooshy Kids

Kooshy Kids

You know how around July every year, every man, woman and child start dominating your social media with pictures and posts from their amazing European adventures? Well guess what, that’ll be me soon!

Later in the year, we’re heading overseas for a friend son’s baptism and to visit friends and family who live there. It will be the first time travelling on a 24 hour flight with my two boys and as the days get closer, I’m starting to ask myself, am I mad? Am I?

While doing my research on all things plane-related and how to keep the boys occupied and minimise arguments or fights in a small confined area, I came across what I hope will be a game changer come sleep time. It’s called Kooshy Kids, which are basically ‘kooshions’ that you can place on the floor between your child’s seat and the seat in front. When you inflate them, they act like either a leg rest or as an actual bed!

Surely, after all the movies, games, activities and stories, this will be the answer to getting them comfortable and sleeping, for as long as possible!

It’ll work right? Right? Watch this space…

For more information on their products jump onto their website


Five weeks after we left for our first family European Vacation the verdict’s in!

Did it work? YES, YES, YES it did. I can’t praise these ‘Kooshions’ enough. After Four international flights and two internal flights I’m pleased to say that these Kooshy Kids Kooshions were honestly a god sent.

I’ll let the photo’s speak for themselves, all I’ll say is, if you’re thinking of going on a holiday with small children then these are a must to help with making a long or short flight comfortable and stress free.